The difference between MPV and other cars


There is a clear difference between MPV and minivans. The van is a single-box structure, that is, the passenger space and the engine are shared in a frame structure, and the engine is placed behind the driver's seat. With this layout, the vehicle body structure is simple, but the height of the vehicle is relatively increased, while the interior space of the vehicle is increased, and the engine noise is relatively large. And because the front seats are at the forefront of the entire vehicle, there is very little buffer space in front of the driver and front passengers in the event of a frontal collision, so the safety factor is low.

The current MPV must first have a two-box structure. The layout is based on the car structure. Generally, it directly uses the car's chassis and engine, so it has a similar appearance and the same driving and riding comfort as a car. Since the front of the car body is the engine compartment, it can effectively buffer the impact from the front and protect the safety of the front occupants. Many MPVs are produced on the car platform. Foton Monpark uses the third-generation MPV chassis technology derived from Mercedes-Benz Viano. In addition, the prototype car like Fengxing Lingzhi is the Mitsubishi space capsule, and its model design is more Mature and reliable.

MPV has a complete and large occupant space, which makes it have great flexibility in internal structure, which is also the most attractive place of MPV.Seats for 7-8 people can be arranged in the carriage, and there is still a certain amount of luggage space; the seat arrangement is flexible and can be all folded or laid down, and some can also be moved back and forth, left and right, or even rotated.Putting down the third row of seats is like a sleeping car with large luggage space; when the three seats on the right are folded down at the same time, you have an extra long cargo space; the second row of seats can be turned 180° backwards.Sit face-to-face with the third row and talk, or fold the backrest forward, the back of the chair is the desktop, office entertainment, whatever you want to arrange, in this regard is Foton's Monpike, the space is much larger than similar models Out of 1.3m&sup3.