Features of SUV


SUV is characterized by strong power, off-road performance, spaciousness and comfort, and good cargo and passenger carrying functions. It is also said that SUV is the comfort of luxury cars and the nature of off-road vehicles. SUV is a mixed descendant of car and off-road vehicle. Compared with its ancestor, SUV has a greater advantage.
The biggest feature of off-road vehicles is that they have strong passing ability and a certain cargo capacity, but the sportiness and comfort are not outstanding; and after these deficiencies of off-road vehicles are strengthened, they can be called SUVs. It not only has the function of off-road vehicle, but also can drive in the city, without losing the style, the popular point is the off-road vehicle that can be driven in the city. SUV, as the preferred model of urban emerging car buyers, has become the main force in the growth of the automobile market in recent years. Although the development of SUV has gone through several stages of ups and downs, as an important force in the automotive market, the SUV market has not yet fully competed. Whether it is from the product itself or the manufacturer’s development of the market, the market capacity is far from reaching its limit. There is a lot of room for improvement.
For a long time, the domestic SUV market has always been divided into joint-venture brands and independent brands. There are separate markets between the two. While independent-brand SUV manufacturers are developing rapidly, competitive pressure has become prominent. Major international automakers have been fighting fiercely in the Chinese market, with new models continuously being launched, and car prices being continuously lowered, resulting in fierce competition.
The SUV has a good performance in terms of seating space, allowing you to sit comfortably in the car regardless of whether it is in the front row or the back row. The wrapping and support of the front seats are in place, and there are more storage compartments in the car, which is convenient for daily use. The SUV boom first spread from the United States, not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Asia, Japan and South Korea. Automakers have also begun to develop SUV models. Affected by the trend of recreational vehicles, SUV's high space performance and off-road capability have replaced station wagons as the main vehicle for leisure travel. SUV became the most popular car model at the time.

According to the functionality of SUVs, they are usually divided into urban and off-road types. Today's SUVs generally refer to those models that are based on a car platform and have the comfort of a car to a certain extent, but also have a certain off-road performance. Due to the multi-combination function of the MPV seat, it has a wide range of applications. The price of SUV is very wide, and the commonness on the road is second only to sedan.