Truck maintenance knowledge


(1) Brake pads

Generally speaking, the brake pads must be replaced when the vehicle has traveled to 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. For owners with bad driving habits, the replacement schedule will be shortened accordingly.If a car owner sees a red light in front, he does not charge the fuel but refuels, and then adopts the method of dragging the brake to wait for the green light to release, which is a habit of this kind.In addition, if the main vehicle is not maintained, it is impossible to detect that the brake pads are thinning or completely worn out in time.If the worn brake pads are not replaced in time, the braking force of the vehicle will gradually decrease, threatening the safety of the owner, and the brake disc will be worn out, and the maintenance cost of the owner will increase accordingly. Take Buick as an example. If the brake pads are replaced, the cost is only 563 yuan, but if even the truck brake disc is damaged, the overall cost will reach 1081 yuan.

2) Tire rotation

Pay attention to the tire wear mark Two guarantees tire maintenance items, one of which is tire rotation. When using a spare tire in an emergency, the owner should replace it with a standard tire as soon as possible. Because of the particularity of the spare tire, Buick did not use other models of spare tires and tires to cycle replacement method, but four tires diagonally transposed. The purpose is to make the tire wear more even and extend its service life. In addition, the tire maintenance project also includes adjusting the air pressure. For tire pressure, car owners can't take it lightly, if the tire pressure is too high, it is easy to wear the middle of the tread. It is worth reminding that it is difficult for car owners to accurately measure the tire pressure without relying on the barometer. The daily use of tires still has some details. If you pay attention to the distance between the tire pattern and the wear mark, generally speaking, the tire should be replaced if the distance is within 2-3mm. Another example is that if the tire is punctured, if it is the sidewall part, the owner must not follow the advice of the quick repair shop to repair the tire, but should change the tire immediately, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Because the sidewalls are very thin, they will not be able to withstand the weight of the car after being repaired, and a puncture will easily occur.

Take prevention first, combine prevention and control, and implement standardized maintenance in accordance with the maintenance manual. This way the truck will not have major problems.