Newlongma auto accelerated overseas layout, the CKD project in Nigeria was successfully launched


With the continuous development of the National "One Belt and One Road" strategy, Newlongma auto actively responds to the national call and implements the "go out" strategy. After several years of deep cultivation in overseas markets, the products have been exported to nearly 20 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, South America and so on.  As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is also the largest economy in Africa and an important country in the "One Belt and One Road" initiative. Now Nigeria is also one of the most important markets for Newlongma Automobile in Africa.  

Since the first finished vehicle was shipped to Nigeria in 2019, Newlongma has established a good reputation in the local market, and with the development of Nigeria's economy, the demand for mini van has increased sharply. After comprehensive consideration, Newlongma Motor accelerated its layout. This month, Jimmy Liao, vice minister of overseas Sales Department, led a team to Nigeria with technical, production, after-sales and other backbone, and landed the M70 CKD project.

Since the team arrived in Nigeria, we immediately put into the project construction. We were on standby 24 hours a day and worked overtime. Within 7 days, we completed equipment erection, welding machine and power distribution cabinet installation, welding gun installation, fixture placement installation, trolley unpacking installation and the production of all kinds of hanging pallet for final assembly and painting, striving to finish the first vehicle off the production line before National Day.

On September 20, Lagos time, Mr. Usman, Inspector General of Nigerian Police, accompanied by Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, leader of Anambra State and chairman of IVM, and representatives of well-known local entrepreneurs, Visit M70 CKD welding assembly line of Newlongma Motor in Nigeria.

Jimmy Liao, vice Director of overseas Sales Department of Newlongma Automobile, introduced the project of the whole production line to the guests. Inspector General of Police Mr. Usman said after the visit that this will be the most advanced welding production line in Nigeria, He expressed full confidence that Newlongma automobile will sell well in Nigeria. He hoped that Newlongma automobile will improve the level of automobile manufacturing in Nigeria by introducing advanced production technology to Nigeria.