Newlongma Auto products to help farmers can not only "go out" but also "walk in"  


Through the network, Newlongma automobile makes local specialties reflect their due value, but only when these specialties are really shipped out can the goal be achieved, and daily life products, agricultural supplies, and even express delivery, also need convenient logistics to hand over to farmers.Newlongma automobile has been working hard to create new products such as KeytonN30, N50, M70L and EX80, providing a strong guarantee for rural logistics transportation.  

Newlongma Automobile, which started as a mini commercial vehicle, has rich product experience and a deep understanding of the actual needs of users. A reliable quality, can meet the needs of travel, cargo transport, and cost-effective vehicles, is the current rural area users first choice.  

With the concept of building a national brand, surpassing innovation and benefiting the people, Newlongma automobile, focusing on users, relying on the technical support of Fuqi group, independent vehicle R & D system and German advanced quality management system, continuously improves its own strength in product R & D, production and manufacturing, and makes a good car, This has established the excellent market reputation of Newlongma automobile and made "products help agriculture" play its maximum value.