Innovation promotes development, Newlongma automobile starts high-quality development


On June 18, the 19th China Strait innovation project results fair was officially opened. The conference was held with the theme of "adhering to innovation and development, comprehensively promoting high-quality development and Surpassing" and combined online and offline.

As a complete vehicle factory with the most complete production qualifications in Fujian Province and one of the three new energy vehicle production bases in Fujian Province, under the concept of "customer-centered", Newlongma automobile has continuously improved R & D, production, manufacturing and innovation capabilities, and successively launched three series of products: N-series minitruck and light duty truck; M-series minivan, L-Series passenger vehicles, pickup trucks etc. In the field of new energy commercial vehicles, Newlongma automobile has Keyton M70L-EV, mini truck N50EV, SUV model Keyton EX7, etc., which meet the needs of various markets.

The minitruck model Keyton N50EV refrigerator truck in this exhibition adopts 41.8kWh lithium iron phosphate battery of CATL, and the mileage of NEDC comprehensive working condition is more than 270km. Larger space, cargo compartment volume up to 6.2m ³。 Lower energy consumption, refrigeration level E, refrigeration temperature range ≤ - 10 ℃. Stronger bearing, double-layer reinforced beam design, 5 high-quality thickened leaf springs, greatly improving the bearing capacity. Better comfortable driving, spacious interior, foot rest pedal, four-way adjustment, ergonomic design seat, comfortable but not tired.

Newlongma automobile keeps up with the pace of the times, actively layout, stimulate innovation vitality, accelerate the pace of upgrading, and is committed to promoting the enterprise to achieve high-quality development.