Large space and low energy consumption, Choose Keyton M70L-EV!


Large space and low energy consumption, Choose Keyton M70L-EV
The most representative professional event in the new energy logistics vehicle industry is the China New energy Logistics vehicle Challenge. The result of the game is an important reference for logistics users and industry people to choose cars and buy cars. 

NEVC2020 the fifth China New Energy Logistics Vehicle Challenge, NewLongma Keyton M70L-EV won the all-around gold award, the best endurance gold award, the best power saving ability silver award, user evaluation award, the organizing committee recommendation award five awards.  Obtained the favor of numerous car users.  

More space, more packing, more money
The "L" of Keyton M70L-EV stands for "large". The body length of 4421mm, the body width of 1677mm, and the wheelbase of 3050mm make the visual effect of the vehicle extremely shocking, which creates a large space of 4.7m³ in the trunk. Keyton M70L-EV also increases the battery.  The battery capacity is increased by about 20-50%, and the NEDC comprehensive operating range is 280km.  

Low energy consumption, much less, more profit
Keyton M70L-EV truck adopts the lithium iron phosphate battery provided by CATL, The total battery storage capacity is 41.86kwh, which costs less than ten cents per kilometer, allowing many entrepreneurs to obtain more profits.