Newlongma automobile won three awards including the best brand of new energy commercial vehicle


As the core enterprise of Fujian automobile industry, newlongma automobile is one of the three new energy vehicle production bases in Fujian Province. At present, in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, newlongma has micro model QiTeng m70l EV, micro card model n50-ev, and QiTeng EX7, which is positioned as urban and rural passenger transport and online car Hailing. It has good sales and reputation in the domestic market.

While deeply cultivating the domestic market, newlongma automobile also actively develops the international market. Its products are exported to 20 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and other regions, forming a dual wheel drive development mode of domestic market and international market
In addition, newlongma automobile also adopts a strict quality control system, continues the reliable and safe product quality, and has high specifications and high requirements for vehicle off-line standards, which ensures the excellent quality of products. It is such high-quality products that have won the recognition of the market. The "2020 best brand of new energy commercial vehicles in Haixi" award and the "Organizing Committee Special Award · brand up Award" are also the best verification.
With its good quality and outstanding performance, QiTeng n50-ev won the "2020 Haixi best pure electric logistics vehicle" award. As a new energy micro card, the launch of QiTeng n50-ev fills in the blank of new energy micro card in Fujian Province, and its performance in urban transportation is eye-catching. With 4770mm, 1677mm and 2416mm car body length, width and height as well as 3050mm wheelbase, it can accommodate 7m cargo compartment with large volume and space, which is difficult for small goods and large goods.

In addition, the power battery of QiTeng n50-ev is a lithium iron phosphate battery provided by GuoXuan hi tech, a leading domestic battery manufacturer, with a total power storage capacity of 39.9kwh and a comprehensive driving range of 255km under NEDC conditions. Full load of goods, through the city, excellent product power blessing, let QiTeng n50-ev more convincing than other similar models.
In the face of the complex external environment, newlongma automobile takes the initiative to seek change, constantly strengthens its innovation and R & D capability according to the national policy and consumption trend, and strives to create more competitive high-quality products. In 2021, new Longma automobile will launch national six models, covering micro card, light truck, pickup and other products, and will launch more practical and good cars that meet the actual needs of users according to different market segments, so as to provide consumers with a more comfortable and scientific new life of automobile. There is reason to believe that in the next stage, newlongma will be extraordinary.