Innovation leads high-quality development, New Longma Motors has won many awards


My country’s economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. Promoting high-quality development is an inevitable requirement for maintaining sustained and healthy economic development. Reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading to promote high-quality development have become the only way for sustainable development of enterprises.

New Longma Automobile insists on promoting high-quality development in an all-round way, strengthening forward-looking thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, and overall promotion, unswervingly promoting high-quality development with innovation, implementing catch-up, and creating new potential for sustainable development of the company. The high-quality development of Fujian's automobile industry injected new impetus.
The 5th NEVC2020 New Energy Logistics Vehicle Challenge started in Guangzhou. As the only and most authoritative national event in the field of new energy logistics vehicles in China, the New Energy Logistics Vehicle Challenge has pioneered the establishment of a highly professional electric logistics vehicle evaluation system with its in-depth experience and professional evaluation. Many consumers have demonstrated the most realistic vehicle performance under the established usage scenarios and have been unanimously recognized.
In the three-day fierce competition, the star product Qiteng M70L-EV, the van transporter of New Longma Motors, has undergone rigorous tests and won the best endurance gold award, the best power saving ability silver award, (microface group) in one fell swoop Multiple heavyweight awards including the Almighty Gold Award, User Evaluation Award, and Organizing Committee Recommendation Award demonstrate the excellent technical strength of New Longma Automobile as a pioneer in the new energy automobile industry in Fujian, and has also become one of the most eye-catching participating manufacturers in this competition.

Last year's New Energy Logistics Vehicle Challenge set up many competition links with strict standards for the core performance of the six new energy logistics vehicles in terms of acceleration performance, braking performance, climbing performance, wading performance, power saving ability, and endurance. During the competition, Qi Teng M70L-EV demonstrated extraordinary product strength. With its excellent product strength, it has achieved dazzling results in various items such as climbing, wading, acceleration and braking.

New Longma Motors stimulates innovation vitality, accelerates the pace of transformation, and promotes high-quality development. With the gradual penetration of the new Longma Automobile product planning and market penetration, the realization of "curving overtaking" is just around the corner.