323 mini-cars of New Longma Motors exported to South America


On December 6, 323 M70, EX80 and V60 models of New Longma Motors were shipped to South America at Xiamen Hyundai Terminal. This is the largest export order for New Longma Motors in a single batch since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, marking that New Longma Motors has ushered in a full recovery in the South American market.

The South American market has been the largest overseas market for New Longma Motors. As New Longma's market share in the local market continues to increase, the imported model products are gradually enriched. In the Bolivian market, in the past three years, New Longma Automobile has a market share of nearly 50% of the local competing models exported to China, making it the number one brand of mini-cars exported to China. New Longma Motors EX80 and V60 models are widely used in the local taxi industry, with a total of nearly 6,000 exported. In 2019, in the field of micro-cars, the market share of New Longma Automobile products in domestic exports to South America reached 14.2%, second only to Changan (16.3%), Xiaokang (15.9%) and SAIC-GM-Wuling (15.2%), ranking fourth .

Under the correct guidance of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and Fuqi Group, New Longma Automobile's overseas sales work has continuously made new breakthroughs and opened up new prospects. Recently, it has successfully developed many new markets such as Iran, Ecuador, Brazil, etc.; achieved batch shipment of CKD orders in Nigeria; exported V65 electric vehicles in Brazil for the first time; achieved batch export of medical vehicles for the first time; obtained batch export orders for pickup trucks.

The road is long and long, and I will search up and down. New Longma Motors will focus on the innovative transformation plan formulated by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, increase market development along the “Belt and Road”, focus on promoting “precise, specialized, and special” products, further accelerate innovation and transformation, and promote high-quality development.