Deepen the "going out" strategy, the first batch of CKD order products of Xinlongma launched


On November 13, the first batch of CKD products ordered by New Longma Motors was ready to be sent directly for export at the Longyan Land Port in Fujian Province, and will soon be shipped to Nigeria. The launch product is Qi Teng M70, which is exported to Nigeria in the CKD mode (automobile parts assembly), marking that New Longma Automobile has made significant achievements in deepening its "going out" strategy.

Over the years, in order to enhance its competitiveness in the international market, while promoting the export of complete vehicle products, New Longma Motors has also increased its efforts to promote the export of the entire industrial chain such as manufacturing and after-sales service. It has established a CKD assembly plant in cooperation with local dealers to achieve local Chemical production, covering local and surrounding markets nearby. The completion of the CKD project of New Longma Motors in Nigeria has promoted the export of the entire automotive industry chain in Fujian, promoted the implementation of after-sales services and other measures nearby, further enhanced the international competitiveness of New Longma’s automotive products, and increased employment opportunities for the local people in Nigeria.

Based on its own brand and independent intellectual property rights, New Longma Automobile actively responds to the national “One Belt One Road” policy, adheres to the two-wheel drive strategy of equal emphasis on domestic and overseas markets, focuses on deepening the development potential of overseas markets, and supports overseas dealers to expand Be stronger. Relying on excellent product quality and good product strength, the new Longma automobile products are exported to nearly 20 regional countries such as Asia, Africa, and South America. In addition, New Longma Motors has successively set up marketing centers and after-sales service outlets in Egypt, Peru, Bolivia and other countries to build overseas marketing networks. Now the export products of New Longma Automobile have covered SUVs, MPVs, microbuses, microcards and other sales areas. The export models include Qiteng M70, Qiteng V60, Qiteng EX80, and Qiteng N30.

In the future, Xinlongma will repair its internal strength, increase the development of new products, enrich its product series, improve product quality, and continue to develop new markets in overseas markets with high-quality products and strong strength.