The new Qi Teng EX80 MPV is rich in configuration


The record of Wuling Hongguang’s monthly sales of more than 80,000 units has made everyone pay more attention to the MPV market, and the Baojun 730, which was listed next, directly ignited the determination of various companies to develop similar models. Fuzhou Qiteng also launched its own MPV model, and named Qi Teng EX80 MPV.

Qiteng EX80 MPV chose the strategy of surveying and mapping Hongguang with multiple styles and softness. Although the appearance has been greatly modified, the side windows of the carriage are exactly the same as Hongguang, and the waistline is the same as the scenery, except for the outline of the headlights. An additional line extends to the middle section of the front door.

The front of the car adopts a standard MPV design, which is more inclined to cars. There are chrome trim strips between the lamps in the headlights. The black background is quite eye-catching, and the air intake grille is decorated with wide chrome trim strips; The fog lamp frame adopts a diamond-shaped design, and the idea of a wide auxiliary air inlet is closer to the Mazda style.

The tail shape is a standard MPV design. The horizontal taillights and the wide chrome trim are just right, but judging from the gap in the tailgate of the show car, the level of craftsmanship needs to be improved. Of course, this may not be a mass production version. In the later stage, key adjustments may be made to the gap process.

The interior is very close to Hongguang. For small manufacturers, it is not easy to achieve this level. The configuration is relatively high, with steering wheel buttons, navigation screens and other configurations.

The arrangement and combination of the seats is also the same as that of Hongguang, adopting a 2+2+3 layout, and the workmanship is fair, which is considered to be a high level for models of this price range.