New Longma Motors welcomes the shipment of the 10,000th export vehicle


2021 is the first year of the fourteenth five-year development plan for my country’s national economic and social development. New Longma Motors actively responds to the country’s“One Belt One Road”policy and is committed to building a“dual cycle”new development pattern and assisting the“14th Five-Year Plan”. "High-quality development. At present, New Longma Motors has been exported to nearly 20 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, South America, etc., forming a two-wheel-drive development model for the domestic and international markets, and has successively set up marketing in Egypt, Peru, Bolivia and other countries. The center and after-sales service outlets have created a“big network”covering domestic and foreign marketing services. Its exports of SUVs, MPVs, microbuses, micro cards and other products are well received by the market.In terms of sales volume, New Longma Automobile’s foreign trade will continue to achieve a V-shaped reversal of foreign trade in 2020, and on the basis of a strong recovery, in the first quarter of 2021, facing the uncertainty and complexity of the international market environment, New Longma Automobile Seizing the opportunity, relying on independent brands, intellectual property rights and the location advantage of the West Bank, the overseas market has reached a record high. From January to March, it increased by 300% year-on-year. The total overseas exports exceeded 10,000 units. Recently, it has also successfully developed Iran, Many new markets such as Ecuador and Brazil. In the future, the new Longma Automobile will have a full-range layout and make every effort to sprint the company's "14th Five-Year Plan" goal of 100,000 vehicles. For overseas markets, we will continue to introduce market products suitable for various regions, increase product categories, and actively explore the right-hand drive market. At the same time, the whole vehicle and CKD will be developed simultaneously. CKD cooperation will be carried out in several major sales countries to accelerate the expansion of the new Longma Automobile overseas market. Strong. In 2021, the overseas market plans to add 15 exporting countries, realize the KD projects in Nigeria, Egypt, and Brazil, and accelerate the progress to achieve the second export of 10,000 units. In the future, we can foresee that the new Longma Automobile, which insists on innovative development, will surely create a broad prospect under the guidance of the times.