What maintenance should electric vehicles do


In recent years, with the gradual rise of new energy vehicles, the number of people who buy new energy electric vehicles is also gradually increasing. Compared with the maintenance of fuel vehicles, most owners are not familiar with the maintenance of electric vehicles. So, what are the daily maintenance items of electric vehicles?

1. Appearance inspection

The appearance inspection is similar to the fuel vehicle, including body, headlamp, tire pressure, etc. Electric vehicles also need to check the charging socket to see if the plug in the charging socket is loose and whether the contact surface of rubber ring is oxidized or damaged.

If the socket is oxidized, the plug will be heated. If the heating time is too long, it will cause short circuit or poor contact of the plug, which will damage the charging gun and the charger in the car.

2. Body paint maintenance

Electric vehicles need the same body maintenance as fuel vehicles. Spring rain more and more, the acid in the rain will damage the car's paint, so we should develop a good habit of washing and waxing after rain. You'd better paint your car. After sealing glaze, the brightness and hardness of car paint will be greatly improved, and the car can be completely new.

3. Correct control of charging time

After picking up the new car, the electric energy must be replenished in time to keep the battery in full state. In the process of use, the charging time should be accurately mastered according to the actual situation, and the charging time should be mastered by referring to the normal use frequency and mileage. During normal driving, if the meter shows red and yellow lights on, the battery should be charged. If only the red light is on, it should stop running and the battery should be charged as soon as possible. Excessive discharge can shorten battery life.

Charging time should not be too long, otherwise overcharge will occur, resulting in vehicle battery heating. Overcharge, over discharge and under charge will shorten the service life of the battery. During charging, if the battery temperature exceeds 65 ℃, the charging should be stopped.

4. Engine room inspection

There are many electric vehicle lines, some socket connectors and insulation protection of the lines need special inspection.

5. Chassis inspection

The power battery of electric vehicle is basically arranged on the chassis of the vehicle. Therefore, during the maintenance process, the power battery protection plate, suspension components, half shaft sealing sleeve, etc. will be tightened and checked.

6. Change gear oil

Most electric vehicles are equipped with a single speed gearbox, so it is necessary to change the gear oil to ensure the normal lubrication of the gear set and drive motor during operation. One theory holds that the gear oil of electric vehicle needs to be changed regularly, and the other is that the gear oil of electric vehicle only needs to be changed when the vehicle reaches a certain mileage. The master thinks that this has a lot to do with the specific vehicle model.

After draining the old gear oil, add new oil. There is little difference between the gear oil of electric vehicle and that of traditional fuel vehicle.

7. Inspection of "three electric systems"

During the maintenance of electric vehicles, maintenance technicians usually take out their laptops to connect the vehicle data lines to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicles. It includes battery condition, battery voltage, state of charge, battery temperature, can bus communication status, etc. There is basically no need to replace worn parts. At present, many manufacturers support iterative updating of vehicle Internet system. Once a new version is available, owners can also request to upgrade their vehicle software.

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