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Mining Dump Truck

As a professional manufacturer, we can present you the good quality mining dump truck with the best after-sales service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Mining Dump Truck

Mining Dump Truck contains the following features:

①Superior Performance
Selecting and matching the National II, National III Weichai & Sinotruk reliable engines with high horsepower performance, high efficient operation, energy saving and environmental protection, low speed and high torque diesel engines; Selecting large speed ratio range and heavy Fast 6DS150TA and 7DS200K special gearbox for mining cars; Meritor double-stage deceleration large speed ratio drive axle increases the speed ratio lifting torque, the driving torque is more than 30% larger than that of road vehicles with the same power, with stable load start, large carrying capacity, strong climbing ability, and the max. climbing can reach 35%.

②Strong Carrying Capacity
Special steel plate with high quality characteristics is used to make the enclosed box section rigid frame, which has firm structure, high torsional and impact strength, high rigidity and durability. Specially designed suspension system and matching large diameter engineering tire ensure its super bearing capacity.

③High Handling Efficiency
The well-designed cargo compartment is made of high quality strength steel and wear-resisting steel, and its weight is reduced to half of the weight of the cargo compartment of the mining cars on the market, so as to reduce the weight of the whole car and increase the loading quality. The inner width of 3.3m cargo compartment is convenient for excavator and loader to load in multiple directions, which greatly reduces loading time. Equipped with a front-mounted lifting cylinder and the large flow gear pump configuration can achieve the effect of short lifting time and convenient unloading.

④Reliable Braking Performance
The front and rear are equipped with widened brake friction plates and double circuit air braking, which ensures the reliability of the continuous braking in heavy load downhill. The four spring energy storage and air braking ensure the safety of the parking brake of mining cars under complex working conditions. The eddy current retarder auxiliary braking system can make the vehicles go downhill at a constant speed, reducing the high temperature caused by friction between the brake shoe and brake hub, and effectively solving the danger of brake failure and tire blowout caused by the high temperature of the wheel hub.

⑤Good Mobility andTrafficability
It adopts 2-axis structure, with small turning radius, flexible mobility, low vehicle failure rate and high attendance rate, which is suitable for the working conditions of narrow loading and unloading area, frequent turning, turning round, and more up and down slopes. The chassis has high ground clearance, large approach angle and departure angle, which ensures its excellent off-road performance and good stability. 3.6m wide body wheel track and wide cross section engineering tire greatly improve the driving under soft, wet and hostile conditions, and ensure the stability and safety of driving and loading & unloading.

⑥Comfortable and Convenient Driving Operation
The new single-side cab with wide vision and wide interior space is well sealed, equipped with heating & cooling air conditioning system, adjustable spring seat and damping device for the cab, which can relieve the vibration caused by the complex roads in the mines and effectively reduce the drive’s fatigue. Equipped with large bore integral power steering hydraulic steering machine and steering booster cylinder, the steering control is flexible and light, and the hydraulic control pneumatic power clutch control system can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the driver.

⑦Good Economic Performance
According to the complex working conditions of the mine, the vehicle has been carefully designed and matched to achieve the optimal range of torque output and delivery quality, saving more than 20% fuel comparing with the three-axle vehicle. High strength wear-resistant steel cargo compartment is light in weight, impact resistant, and its wear-resistant strength is more than three times than of ordinary steel plate. The safe and firm chassis & suspension system ensure efficient attendance. The eddy current retarder has no friction and noise when it works, which can greatly reduce the wear of brake hub, brake shoe and tire, so as to reduce dust, noise, pollution and effectively extending the service life of vehicle. Thus, achieving the design and manufacturing concept of safety, firmness, high efficiency, low consumption and economy.

⑧Comparative Advantages
Comparing with the current domestic 4x6 rear double drive axle cars, GT series mining cars have smaller turning radius and lower requirements for road bends and working surfaces, which are suitable for the industrial and mining use where there are many turns in domestic mine roads and frequent turns of loading and unloading cars, greatly changing the phenomenon that rear axle tires drag on the ground when double drive axle cars turn, reducing tire wear and saving tire cost. The use cost and maintenance cost of four tires, middle drive axle, balance shaft system, tension rod and rubber sleeve are reduced by using 4x2 independent suspension system and double drive axle vehicle ratio. The fuel consumption is saved by about 15% comparing with double drive axle vehicles, which has been tested with the same load capacity under the same working condition. Overall operating costs increase after a long time comparison, the profit margin increases by about 25-35%.
Comparing with the imported and domestic hydro-pneumatic suspension4x2 mine cars, GT3600 mine cars have less purchase cost under the same load capacity model. At present, the EX factory price of 60 ton 4x2 hydro-pneumatic suspensionmine cars at home and abroad is between 2 million and 3.2 million. In addition, in order to meet the normal operation of hydraulic system of each component, the engine power of this series mine cars should be at least matching 800-1200 horsepower, and the fuel consumption increased by more than 50% year-on-year. The hanging oil cylinder using under industrial and mining areas with harsh conditions, dust and sediment caused early wear of the oil cylinder, that leads to the cost of replacing the seal parts is too high. The cost of replacing a oil cylinder seal is about 12000 RMB. And the current market price of replacing a oil cylinder is about 90000 RMB. Moreover, many parts of the imported mine cars need to be directly supplied by the manufactures. Many general mine owners are hard to bear the price and waiting time for accessories. Therefore, there’s no way to guarantee the attendance rate of mine cars. As a result, the operation cost of the whole production line is increased. The material of rubber and steel in hydraulic system produced in domestic market can not be guaranteed. In accordance with the requirements of domestic mines, GUERTE GT series mine cars have selected a reasonable match and achieved the effects of safety, reliable quality, energy saving and high cost performance after more than ten years operation, and won the first choice and high praise from many mine owners as transport vehicles.



2.Parameter (Specification) of Mining Dump Truck

National II (GT3600) Configuration Parameter



National II SINOTRUK WD12.420


Water cooling, 4 stroke


Turbocharged with intercooling

Number of  Cylinders


Stroke x Cylinder Diameter


Rated Power


Rated Speed


Max. Torque


Fuel System

Direct Injection

Lubrication System

Lubrication Method

Gear pump, forced lubrication


Full flow type

Air Filter

Dry type, with double filter element and coarse filter, oil filter and dust indicator





Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd

Range of  Speed

6 forward, 1 reverse

Speed Ratio

 8.43/1, 7.5/R

Max. Driving Speed


Drive Axle

Front Drive Axle

Meritor 25 grade cast steel drive axle

Rear Drive Axle

Meritor 45 ton reinforced cast steel drive axle

Rear Drive Axle Deceleration Pattern

Wheel Reduction + Final Drive

Rear Drive Axle Overall Speed Ratio


Suspension System

Reinforced plate spring suspension device, rear drive axle single side assembly 4 riding bolts.


Steering System


Hydraulic power steering with power steering


70 cylinder diameter booster cylinder

Min. Turning Radius


Driving Cab

Skeleton skin type large plane single side reinforced mining car cab




430 height equal width box type rigid frame

Main Frame Material

700 special steel plate for girder

(Service Brake)


Air control, hub brake


Air control, hub brake plus eddy current retarder auxiliary brake

Parking Brake

Spring energy storage brake

Emergency Brake

 Spring energy storage brake

Eddy Current Retarder


Standard Hopper

Level Loading





Maximum Vehicle Weight


Maximum Gross Weight


 Carriage Form

Rectangular carriage, bottom up warped

Material Thickness

Undersurface(Single layer wear plate)






Carriage Area (inside L × W × H)



Hopper Material


Hydraulic System

Lift Cylinder Form

Front multistage single cylinder hydraulic lifting

Hydraulic Pump Displacement


Elevating Time


Weight Distribution

Front Drive Axle


Rear Drive Axle


Tyre (Standard)

Front and Rear

1600-25 Nylon Tyre with 36 Layers

Maintenance Filling Quantity



Fuel Tank


Engine Oil




Hydraulic Oil


Rear Drive Axle Reductor, Wheel Rim



3.Details of Mining Dump Truck

Mining Dump Truck’s detailed pictures as follows:

Mining Dump Truck


4.Product Qualification

Mining Dump Truck passes the following quality management certifications:

Mining Dump Truck



1.What is the selling point of your company?

Our FJ Group is the JV partner with Mercedes-Benz, producing V Class in China. That’s why all our products standard is even higher than other Chinese brands.


2.How many countries have you ever exported to?

We have exported to Bolivia, Myanmar, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, about 20 countries.


3.What is your biggest overseas market?

We have sold more than 5,000 units to Bolivia since 2014, and the altitude of that country is about 3,000 meters. Which means the vehicles is running well in the tough area.


4.What about the WARRANTY?

We are offering 2 years or 60,000 kms, whichever comes first.


5.What about the delivery time?

45 days since down payment.

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