Electric Minivan

Fujian New Longma Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mini truck, city trucks, light trucks, Electric Minivan, minivan and SUV, etc. It has the most complete production qualitifitions and becomes one of the production bases of energy vehicles in Fujian.

The company has completed and put into production the expansion project with an annual output of 150,000 vehicles and the project with an annual output of 150,000 engines. The products include mini truck, city trucks, light trucks, pickup, city buses, minivan and SUV Keyton V60, etc. New energy electric vehicles include Keyton M70L-EV logistics vehicles, N50-EV city truck, etc. The current models include Keyton M70(minivan) and six special vehicles and one electrical vehicle which shares the same platform as Keyton M70(minivan), Keyton EX80 (MPV) and Keyton V60(SUV).

Based on Keyton M70(minivan) platform, New Longma launched a series of special vans, such as cargo van, police van, prison van and ambulance, to meet your expectation of minivans.For more information about mini truck, city trucks, light trucks, Electric Minivan, please send inquiry to us.

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Electric Truck-Box Truck

Electric Truck-Box Truck

KEYTON Electric Truck-Box Truck , has a very good power output whether driving at a low speed or climbing up a hill. The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4880 / 1610 / 2385mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 3050mm, which can ensure free access under different road conditions, not too large and limited by height, and also gives the owner greater possibility of loading. Simple mechanical structure, low price and practical loading space are the sharp tools for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and make a profit.

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As a professional China Electric Minivan manufacturers and Electric Minivan suppliers, we provide customers with comprehensive project management services. Customized Electric Minivan with cheap price or low price is of high quality. Welcome to buy discount product made in China from our factory. you can rest assured to buy advanced and latest selling products from us. In addition, it has a R&D center & relevant supporting facilities. All these make KEYTON MOTOR a modern factory. If you want to know more, please contact us.
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