First shipment of KEYTON N50 electric minitruck to Cuba


on March 7th, 20222, nineteen units of KEYTON N50 electric minitruck were ready for shipment to Cuba. It is the first order between Newlongma and Cuba. And it is also the first overseas government procurement order of Newlongma.

1960 witnessed China-Cuba establishment of diplomatic relations, which opened a new chapter in their friendly cooperation.  After signing MOUs on Belt and Road cooperation with China in 2018, Cuba is looking to new energy sources with help from the Belt and Road Initiative to move away from fossil fuels because of the climate change impact. Newlongma actively responded to this demand and signed the first batch of 19 N50 new energy vehicle sales contract. The vehicle will be used for urban cargo transportation in Cuba, which will definitely make a very positive contribution for clean energy and environment protection. 

This first overseas government procurement represents a milestone in the history of Newlongma. Now Newlongma not only has private customers, but also customers from governments, which marks an endorsement of our quality as an indigenous brand in governmental level. In addition, the world economy has been badly hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. Against the backdrop of such an acute challenge the world faces today, Newlongma people still marshal their motivation to expand its overseas market with better products and services.