How to maintain MPV


For long-distance MPV driving, tire wear cannot be ignored. Therefore, after cleaning the car body, check whether the tires have foreign bodies and whether the tire surface and sides are damaged. If damage is found, repair and maintenance should be carried out immediately. At the same time, if the MPV has a large directional deviation when driving on a straight road or the steering wheel needs a certain angle to maintain a straight line, it is recommended to make a four-wheel alignment for the car to reduce potential safety hazards. If your MPV is older, you must also pay attention to check the wear of the brake pads. Once you feel that the braking force is not high or the brakes make abnormal noises, you should check and replace the brake pads in time. Don't forget to check the chassis. Important parts such as fuel pipes, exhaust pipes, gearboxes, and engine blocks are arranged on the chassis. Therefore, if the road conditions are not good during the journey, it is necessary to check whether the chassis is damaged in time.